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La Bourbansais Estate

Zoological Gardens

Unique and unspoiled, the zoological gardens of Bourbansais are filled with plants and trees, and cover almost 100 hectares, giving you the opportunity to escape to a wide range of different natural environments. These include islands and recreated natural habitats which shelter numerous species of rare and exotic animals from all over the world, the majority of which are protected by international agreements.The Château and its Gardens (a designated Historic Monument)

Since 1957, the Château (16th – 18th century) has been classified as a Historic Monument, which is testament to the artistic creativity of the Renaissance and Classical periods. It is still inhabited and is furnished in the style of Louis 14th and Louis 15th. Specialist tour guides speak on a variety of historical themes, interwoven with anecdotes. The castle’s imposing facades overlook the Jardin “à la Française” (French Garden), the Jardin “Carrousel” (Carrousel Garden) and the Jardin “Potager” (Kitchen Garden). The gardens are also listed.

Shows from April to September

The “à la Française,” “Carrousel” and “Potager” Gardens are the setting for two fabulous shows that retrace the history of former royal traditions: hunting on the wing with birds of prey, and hunting with hounds.

Microlight aircraft

Treat yourself to a first flight in a microlight over Mont Saint-Michel Bay.

Didier Hulin has over 30 years’ experience and was the first professional flying instructor in Mont Saint-Michel Bay.

He offers a wide range of flying options in this beautiful setting, from introductory flights to pilot training. He can also offer bespoke flights.