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Champrépus Zoo

At the Champrépus zoological gardens the animal kingdom and natural environment come together in a way that is quite unique in France.

60 species of animals can be seen across a range of themed gardens. There are lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras, penguins and even rare lemurs from Madagascar.

Alligator Bay

Come and discover the largest congregation of alligators in Europe, just a stone’s throw from Mont Saint-Michel. Enter the huge tropical greenhouse and step into the shoes of an explorer, hunting caymans, crocodiles and rare white alligators. In the dragon’s maze, you can admire a stunning collection of lizards and snakes, then walk through the tortoise farm where you can watch, and get close to, a whole host of tortoises, weighing between 500 g and 200 kg.

Saint-Malo Grand Aquarium

Come and discover the seabed and our 10,000 fish at the Saint-Malo Aquarium. Young and old will be enthralled and surprised by over 600 species of marine life in all shapes and colours, some from deep, cold waters, others from warm, tropical seas.

Discover the “ring of seas”, a 360 degree aquarium, where sharks will have you turning your head. There is a touch pool where you can have direct contact with some of the sealife, or you can dive aboard our underwater “Nautibus” to watch 5,000 fish in an area that mirrors their natural habitat.

Travel aboard the “Abyssal Descender,” a simulator that takes you to the depths of the sea. This attraction is the only one of its kind in the world, and better than the real thing.