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Chemin de la baie at Mont Saint-Michel


Throughout the year, no matter the season, the “Chemins de la Baie” team offers guided walks and hikes in and around Mont Saint-Michel bay and the Chausey islands. Our experienced guides, qualified or in training, are all passionate about the Bay and will share their knowledge with you whilst walking through beautiful open spaces in a fascinating natural environment.

You too can leave your footprints in the sand when you take one of the many paths across the bay, endlessly reformed by the rise and fall of the tides. Discover shifting sands, enjoy guided walks across the bay with commentary, morning and night, be part of a lantern procession, and watch the spring tides… these are just some of the experiences to be shared and open to all.

Contact us

Les Chemins de la baie

+33 2 33 89 80 88


Practical information

If you would like to cross the bay with us, please note that booking in advance is mandatory.

Ticket prices

Adults: €16.90
Children: €11.10


34 rue de l'Ortillon
50530 GENETS

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