If you are a sports fanatic and enjoy new experiences, why don’t you take an unforgettable trip in a microlight aircraft and fly over Mont Saint-Michel bay.

Introductory microlight flight

Mont Saint-Michel bay offers a host of activities to make your stay with us exciting and extraordinary. There is a whole world to explore on land and from the sky!

Hotel Auberge Carre

If you love visiting extraordinary places, we recommend a two or three night-stay at the Auberge de la Baie, a two star hotel with views over the polders of Mont Saint-Michel bay.

Our favourite time of day? It has to be when the salt meadow sheep pass by the Auberge. It feels very authentic when you are staying in Mont Saint-Michel bay.

Mont Saint Michel Agneau Pre Sale

To make your visit even more out of the ordinary, why not take to the skies and explore Mont Saint-Michel from the air with a trip in a microlight?

Discover and book in one of our establishments

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