Mont Saint-Michel is a commune in France, located in the southwest of the Manche department and the Normandy region. It owes its name to the rocky islet dedicated to Saint Michael where the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey is located.


The history of Mont Saint-Michel begins on a night in October 708, when the Archangel Saint Michael appeared to Aubert, bishop of Avranches, to ask him to build a religious edifice on Mont Tombe.

Thus, the origin of the town is intertwined with that of the monastery. With the arrival of the first monks, the first huts of traders, craftsmen, fishermen, etc., were built at the foot of the rock to benefit from and contribute to the development of this new place of worship.

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Sheltered by its ramparts, Mont Saint-Michel is also a medieval village that harbors many treasures. Although most of the village houses are made of stone today, wood was widely used at the time, which led to multiple destructions by fires, followed by reconstructions of the village over the centuries. Mont Saint-Michel then became one of the most important pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages.


The charm of the Mont and the village is due not only to the original architecture of the stone or half-timbered houses, most of which are classified as Historic Monuments, but also to the originality of their names: “the inn of the spinning sow,” “the house of the artichoke,” “the garden of the Isle of Bas”…

The houses are built in tiers on the south and east sides of the rock, where its steepness allowed for the solid construction of houses.

Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel


Initially paced by the welcome of pilgrims, the life of the Montois (inhabitants of Mont Saint-Michel) is now oriented towards tourism with many shops and several residences transformed into museums.

But to fully enjoy the village, it’s best to quickly leave the Grand Rue and its commercial bustle to discover the small alleys, gardens, and discreet passageways behind the houses. A walk on the ramparts offers splendid views of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel and the tides that flood it twice a day.

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