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The Bay

An open-air theatre for the biggest tides in Europe

Mont Saint-Michel bay lies between Cancale and Granville, occupying an expanse of lower ground measuring approximately 500km². The bay sets the scene for some of the highest tides in Europe, which reach up to an incredible 15 metres in height. The bay forms a meeting point for a wide range of natural environments including the salt meadows and polders. Just 3 kilometres from the Mount you can find Tombelaine, a small granite island which turns into a bird sanctuary from 15 March to 15 July.

So, there are many incredible natural phenomena to be seen: the beautiful maritime landscape, tides which hold the record in France for their sheer range, a patchwork of polders, countless lines of wooden poles on which mussels are cultivated, and of course, Mont Saint-Michel itself, a mythical architectural gem mirrored in the immense stretch of salt water.

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