Our Groups department is made up of on-site experts. Throughout the year, the department offers comprehensive, package or bespoke holidays, events and activities in our Mont Saint-Michel venues.

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Whether you are looking at dining options or accommodation, full-board or half-board, enjoy the benefits and exclusive rates available for groups.

If you choose our Mont Saint-Michel hotels and restaurants, we give you:

  • direct access to our venues
  • access to our private carpark for your coaches
  • priority boarding on the shuttle bus service taking guests to Mont Saint-Michel and the Abbey
Couchee Soleil Maree Basse Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel (Saint Michael’s Mount) is situated right on the border between Normandy and Brittany, making it the ideal starting point for exploring the region’s many natural, historical and cultural heritage sites (Mont Saint-Michel bay, the Normandy Landing beaches, Granville and the Channel Islands, Saint-Malo and the Côte d’Emeraude (Emerald Coast), Deauville and the Côte Fleurie (Floral Coast), the Cotentin Peninsula, etc).

Les Portes du Mont Saint-Michel is listed on the French register of tour and holiday operators. In addition to accommodation and dining in the bay, we can offer a selection of package holidays, excursions, and trips departing from Mont Saint-Michel. We can also design and deliver bespoke tourist packages, in line with your clients’ needs.Please do not hesitate to contact our Groups department: +33 2 33 68 40 19 or contact@le-mont-saint-michel.com.

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