Mont-Saint-Michel, with its architectural beauty and unique location, attracts visitors from around the world. To facilitate access, a specific organization for parking and shuttle services has been established. This arrangement aims to preserve the tranquility of the site while ensuring convenient access for visitors.

Access Code for the Hotel Zone

To access the hotel zone, an access code is required. This code, which is valid for a certain period (usually 24 hours from arrival), allows guests to obtain an entry ticket for the hotel or restaurant’s private parking. Visitors can then use the freely accessible shuttles to reach Mont Saint-Michel. It is important to contact the reception on the day of arrival to obtain this code.

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Official Parking: Parking Fees

Regarding the official parking areas managed by Keolis, parking fees vary depending on the season and the type of vehicle being parked. A ticket is taken at the entrance, and payments are made at a terminal directly upon returning from your visit.

Low Season Rates

From October to March and for 24 hours:

  • Cars: €5.10 (the same for night access)
  • Campervans and motorcycles: €5.10
  • Buses : 36,50€ 

High Season Rates

From April to September and for 24 hours:

  • Cars : 9,80€ 
  • Campervans : 9,80€ 
  • Motorcycles : 6,20€ 
  • Buses : 46,80€ 

Navettes and Pedestrian Access

There are several ways to travel from the Gates to Mont Saint-Michel:

  • Mont Saint-Michel Shuttle: At the parking level, right next to the tourist information center, the free shuttle “le Passeur” is available to you. It operates continuously from 7:30 am to midnight. The journey lasts about 12 minutes, and the shuttle is adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • The horse-drawn maringote: If you want a unique transportation experience and are not in a hurry, the maringote is an excellent choice. This carriage, pulled by two sturdy draft horses, takes you to the foot of the ramparts, evoking the journey of the first pilgrims. The journey, starting from the parking lot, lasts about 20 minutes, offering a real trip back in time.
  • On foot: It is also possible to enjoy the landscape by choosing to walk to Mont Saint-Michel. Three pedestrian paths are available to you: the Lisière, the Banks of the Couesnon, and the central path. Each of these routes offers a walk of about 40 to 50 minutes, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Mont Saint-Michel

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