Presentation OF Portes du Mont Saint-Michel

A unique tourist complex

Les Portes du Mont-Saint-Michel Gates is a renowned hotel and restaurant group, present on-site for several decades, offering a comprehensive tourist experience. Located near the famous Mont Saint-Michel, this group offers a range of accommodations and gastronomic services to suit all tastes. Each establishment (hotel, restaurant, campground, galleries, etc.) is committed to quality and customer service.

Diversified Hospitality

Our hotels, ranging from 2 to 4 stars, stand out for their diverse atmospheres: contemporary, upscale, or family-friendly. Each hotel, from the Mercure brand to the more intimate establishments, is designed to offer comfort and quality.

Hotel Gabriel 2
Petit Dejeuner

Local and refined gastronomy

Our restaurants embrace the culinary richness of France. With a particular focus on local products, our menus range from traditional brasserie fare to semi-gourmet dining, promising delicious and high-quality culinary experiences.

Outdoor Experiences

For nature lovers, our campsites and cottages offer a variety of accommodation options, whether you come with a tent, camper van, or in groups. Ideal for stays tailored to everyone’s enjoyment.

Mont Saint-Michel Souvenirs

The Mont Saint-Michel Galleries” our exclusive boutique, offers a curated selection of souvenirs and local specialties, allowing our guests to take home a memento, a culinary specialty, as if bringing a piece of Mont Saint-Michel back with them.

Devanture Galerie Mont Saint Michel

OUR histoiry

The beginnings: The era of camping

After the war, the campgrounds “du Mont Saint-Michel” and “de la Baie et du doux repos,” strategically located, began to attract tourists. The merger of these two campgrounds marked the birth of the group Les Portes du Mont Saint-Michel.

Expansion and Innovation

In 1973, the group’s first hotel was inaugurated, in response to the increasing tourist flows. Gilles Gohier, the current director, played a key role in the group’s development, ensuring growth in harmony with the changing needs of customers.

A continuous commitment

Our goal remains the constant improvement of our infrastructure and services. Quality, environment, and the preservation of Mont Saint-Michel’s heritage are at the core of our development strategy.

Your tailor-made stay

Simplified online booking

Our website provides a seamless user experience for booking stays. You can choose from a variety of accommodation and dining options tailored to your specific needs.

Expertise and warm welcome

Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you at every step of your stay, from organizing your activities to providing personalized recommendations to enhance your experience.

Sodetour Hotelvert
Ext Hotels Restaurants

Rates and Advantageous Offers

We are committed to providing the best value for your money. Our guests enjoy competitive rates and exclusive offers, ensuring a quality stay at a fair price. By booking on, you also ensure the best rate guaranteed.

future projects and initiatives

Sustainable development and social responsibility

Sodetour and Aditi : partnerships for the future

In collaboration with companies like Sodétour and Aditi, we ensure to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into our operations. This includes waste management, efficient use of resources, and support for local communities.

multimedia Projects and communication

To enhance our online presence, we are developing an ambitious multimedia project. This includes revamping and updating our website with interactive content such as videos and virtual tours, allowing prospective visitors to explore our establishments before their arrival.

Mont Saint Michel At Sunset

At Les Portes du Mont Saint-Michel, every detail of your stay is carefully planned to provide the most enjoyable experience possible. From accommodation to dining, outdoor activities, and souvenirs, we are committed to offering quality and service that meet your expectations.
Experience the magic of Mont Saint-Michel with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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