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A new name for our restaurant at Mont Saint-Michel !

Our restaurant changes its name to “La Salicorne”. Just a stone’s throw from Mont Saint-Michel, our restaurant La Rôtisserie has just reopened its doors under a new name: La Salicorne. A way for us to evolve and to make you discover new products while keeping the setting and the conviviality of the place.

The Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay inspire us in the creation of our dishes and the name of the establishment had to reflect our values and our inspirations. The Salicorne, this marine plant emblematic of the Normandy and Brittany coasts, symbolises the entire ecosystem of the Bay.

Our team in the dining room remains the same, faithful to what our customers have always known. Friendliness, efficiency and good humour are the order of the day among the teams at La Salicorne. This new restaurant in Mont Saint-Michel welcomes you from February 4th from 12pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm.

La Salicorne offers a modern, colourful, festive and above all eco-responsible world cuisine.

Our pulses and cereals are organically grown in Normandy and Brittany.

We find an alliance between land and sea, drawing its energy from the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and its region, as perfectly illustrated by the lamb tagine with salicorne or our unmissable Normandy plank, which highlights our region and our local producers.

We attach a great deal of importance to highlighting the traceability of our products in an environmental and eco-responsible approach supervised by our chef Luciano TIROUMALE, all of which is served by a wait staff supervised by Merlin MANKULU.
Come and meet our teams and discover a healthy, delicious and responsible cuisine. Meet the land that inspires us, directly on your plate and let us guide you through our creations. Our menu follows the seasons to guarantee maximum freshness and quality.

We hope you will enjoy your time with us. In the meantime, visit all your favourite social networks to discover the world of Les Portes du Mont Saint-Michel!

See the Salicorne website

Nos établissements s’engagent !!

New decoration at LE PRE SALE

The restaurant Le Pré Salé took advantage of its winter closure to completely change the atmosphere. Discover our new decoration by sharing a meal with friends or family.
Feel free to reserve your table!

email : lepresale@le-mont-saint-michel.com

tel : +33 (0)2 33 60 24 17

New-Year Menu – Le Relais du Roy

The holidays approach, the restaurant The Relay of the Roy proposes you its menu for the New Year’s Eve!

If you wish to take advantage of it, you just have to call the restaurant to +33 and to proceed to your reservation.

And if you still hesitate, we reveal you here the menu!
See you soon !



Tide times

Come and enjoy the magic of the spring tides at Mont Saint-Michel!

Tides are a global phenomenon which can be explained by an oscillatory movement of the sea level due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun upon the mass of water in the oceans. During a full moon or new moon, the moon and sun are in alignment with the earth which brings about the spring tides. When this happens, visitors can watch an unforgettable natural phenomenon: the Mount surrounded by water.

Arrive 2 hours before the main event takes place and you will witness the tidal bore, a 50 cm-high wave which engulfs the bay. It is a magical moment for spectators.

The highest tides in Europe can be seen at Mont Saint-Michel. Sometimes there is a difference of 15 metres between high and low tide. When this happens, the sea can retreat up to 15 kilometres from the coast and rises very quickly.

Book your hotel now, and come and see the magic of the spring tides.

Download the 2021 tide times for Mont Saint-Michel