The galleries of Mont Saint-Michel: a treasure trove of memories and regional products

Galery Mont Saint Michel

Discover a wide selection of regional products

The Mont-Saint-Michel Galleries offer a wide selection of souvenirs and regional products from Brittany and Normandy. You will find a variety of products ranging from culinary specialties to maritime-inspired clothing. Whether you’re looking for a symbolic item of your visit or a special gift to give, there is no doubt that the Galleries will offer products that suit you.

Boutique Galerie Mont Saint Michel

Take advantage of the practical services offered by the galleries

-10% off on all your purchases and expert advice

Our galleries offer you -10% on all your purchases if you stay in one of our hotels. Our salespeople, knowledgeable about local products, will be there to offer you advice and information on our various items. Please note that the shop does not yet offer delivery for mainland France, but you will have the option to pay on-site with various secure payment methods (CB, Visa, Amex, Smartphone…), and thus leave Mont Saint-Michel with authentic souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.

A close link with local history and culture

Immersive galleries in the heart of Mont

The Mont Saint-Michel Galleries are not just shops; they are a window into the culture and history of the region. Each gallery is arranged to reflect the soul of Mont and its surroundings, offering you an original experience. Photos and reproductions of local artworks enrich the atmosphere, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the history of Mont Saint-Michel. Additionally, our galleries offer a wide range of books and guides, perfect for deepening your knowledge of the area.

Souvenirs for all tastes

Produit Galerie Mont Saint Michel

A varied collection combining tradition and modernity

Whether you’re looking for a traditional souvenir like a magnet, a postcard, or something more unique and subjective like a piece of artwork, our galleries cater to all tastes and budgets. Food enthusiasts will be delighted by our selection of local products, such as the famous Camembert cheese from Normandy or the delicious caramel from Isigny. For history and culture enthusiasts, our galleries offer a variety of books and artistic reproductions related to Mont Saint-Michel and its legend.

A commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Your opinion is our priority

At the Mont Saint-Michel Galleries, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We encourage our customers to share their opinions on TripAdvisor in order to continue improving our offerings and service. Our staff members pay special attention to verifying the authenticity and quality of each product, ensuring that every purchase is a true representation of Mont Saint-Michel and Normandy.