Crossing the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel: an adventure between land and sea

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The Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, a site of unparalleled beauty and historical significance, offers a unique crossing experience. This outing is a journey through time, nature, and legends, made even more captivating by the presence of an experienced guide like Romain Pilon.

Romain Pilon: your guide to discovering the bay

A passionate expert

Romain Pilon, an independent guide for several years, offers his expertise and passion for the bay, turning each crossing into an unforgettable adventure. He takes you to the heart of this unique ecosystem, sharing anecdotes and fascinating facts about Mont Saint-Michel and its surroundings.

A secure crossing

Safety is an absolute priority for Romain. Like every guide, each crossing is meticulously planned based on tides and weather conditions, ensuring an experience that is both safe and enjoyable.

The adventure of the crossing

An enriching journey

Your journey often begins from the hotels of Porte du Mont Saint-Michel, an asset for organizing your trip. You will then be taken to the bec d’Andaine, the traditional starting point for guided tours. From there, you will walk on the quicksands, a unique natural phenomenon, while learning how to cross them safely. During your hike, you will have the opportunity to observe the rich fauna and flora of the bay. Under the sun or the changing sky, each moment offers a new perspective on this vibrant landscape.

The tidal bore and the high tides

Romain will make you experience the spectacular phenomenon of the tidal bore, a surging wave during high tides, a natural spectacle not to be missed. However, you can only witness it during these periods of high tides, which can be anticipated.

Traversee De La Baie

Tombelaine: a historical stop

On the way, you can make a stop at the small islet of Tombelaine, rich in history and legends, offering a breathtaking view of Mont Saint-Michel.

A memorable experience

Crossing the Mont Saint-Michel Bay is more than just a walk; it’s an immersion into a world where history, nature, and adventure converge. Guided by Romain or one of the other 30 bay guides, each step becomes a discovery, each kilometer traveled a part of the story to tell. This experience is a moment to cherish, a time spent exploring one of the most beautiful sites in the world in a unique and exciting way.

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