The Paths of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel: A Guided Crossing


The Mont Saint-Michel Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site of exceptional beauty, offers an unforgettable experience through its varied paths. The walks organized by the “Chemins de la Baie” team allow you to discover the natural beauty and rich history of this region. With experienced guides, you will explore varied landscapes, from quicksands to vast maritime expanses, constantly renewed by the tides.

A team of passionate and experienced guides

Cross the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, guided by the smiling and competent team of “Chemins”. Each hike is an opportunity to tread the sands and rivers following the historical footsteps of pilgrims, in a landscape constantly renewed by the weather and seasons. With more than 20 years of experience and over 750 annual outings, their 13 guides offer you a rewarding and secure experience. Each, with their personal touch, commits to sharing their in-depth knowledge of the bay. These guides, all holders or in training for the prefectural competence certification, are dedicated to making your crossing enjoyable, while preserving the fauna, flora, and habitats of the bay since their establishment in 2001.

Les Chemins de la Baie emphasizes friendliness, simplicity, and above all, the safety of visitors.

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A wide range of activities

From crossing quicksands to night walks, each outing is designed to offer a unique perspective on the bay. The hikes may include torchlit retreats or special outings during the Spring Tides, offering unforgettable moments. Discover the different possible outings with Les Chemins de la Baie:

  • Traditional crossings from the coast to the Mont, with commentary there and back or return by bus
  • Crossings starting from the Mont: bay walks, high tides, escape to Tombelaine
  • Unusual crossings: morning crossing, nighttime crossing, nocturnal escape to Tombelaine
  • Outings for children: seaside treasure, bay walk
  • Winter outings: the bay in winter, nature escape with birds & co
  • Crossing of the bay to the abbey

Custom outings with Les Chemins de la Baie

Les Chemins De La Baie offers personalized outings in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, suitable for all groups, whether it’s couples, families, friends, or for associations and businesses. Participants benefit from a dedicated guide, an expert in the natural and historical heritage of the region. These custom outings include crossings of the bay, thematic hikes around the bay, walks focused on various topics such as the high tides, wildlife, or local flora. They can also cover visits to remarkable sites such as the Chausey Islands, Granville, and Mont Saint-Michel. The team at Chemins De La Baie is committed to organizing quality outings, perfectly tailored to the expectations of each group.

School outings

For school projects, Les Chemins de la Baie offers a wide choice of outings and activities suitable for all levels:

  • Exploring the salt meadows
  • Traditional crossing
  • Visit to the village of Mont Saint-Michel
  • Day trip to the Chausey Islands
  • Visit to the port of Granville
  • Seaside treasures
  • Discovery of the coastal dunes
  • Legends of the bay
  • … and many more!

Practical Information

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The bay for English speakers

There is also a guided tour option for English speakers. You will be taken across the sandbanks and through the mud at a leisurely pace. Along the way, you will discover the quicksands and the natural beauties of the bay and Mont. This walk lasts 2.5 hours for a distance of 3 to 4 km. This activity is accessible to everyone, including young children! The departure is from Mont-Saint-Michel.

Equipment to bring

Participants should bring warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, a backpack for shoes, water, a picnic, a towel, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. For the crossings, it is recommended to walk barefoot or with Neoprene socks and in shorts from April to October, and with Neoprene socks from November to March.

Physical condition and health

Participants may be required to walk on difficult terrains (soft sand, mud, crossing rivers), and must inform the organizer of any health or mobility condition that could affect the outing.

A wheelchair adapted for disabled persons is available. Dogs are allowed on the outings if they are kept on a leash but are not accepted on the shuttles or in the return by bus options.