Alligator Bay is an animal park located near Mont Saint-Michel.


A Zoological Adventure

The history of Alligator Bay

Alligator Bay, initially known as “Reptilarium du Mont-Saint-Michel,” was founded on July 1, 1990, by Jean-Pierre Macé, a terrarium enthusiast. In its early days, the park primarily featured a variety of snakes and lizards, as well as some turtles and crocodiles. After several expansions and renovations, it was renamed Alligator Bay in 2006, transforming into a thematic space with the Alligator Greenhouse and the Tortoise Farm, now home to more than 700 reptiles from over 100 species.

Discovering Exotic Species

Alligator Bay is home to over 700 animals from five continents. The park offers an exploration of the alligator greenhouse where visitors can observe alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and even rare white alligators in a tropical setting. In addition to that, the Dragon Maze, populated with boas, iguanas, chameleons, and monitors, provides a playful and educational experience, not to mention the turtle farm, which allows for up-close interaction with African turtles in a dedicated space.

Alligator Bay

Educational and entertaining experience

An immersion into the world of reptiles

Alligator Bay offers much more than just a visit; it’s an educational immersion into the fascinating world of reptiles. The exhibits and interactive pathways of the park are carefully designed to engage visitors of all ages. As they explore the various zones, visitors can get up close to the daily lives of these creatures, from impressive alligators to enigmatic snakes. Informative panels and educational workshops help demystify these often misunderstood species and highlight their crucial role in natural ecosystems.

Activities for the whole family

Alligator Bay is an ideal destination for a family outing, offering a variety of activities suitable for all ages. For example, visitors can witness animal feedings, an experience that can captivate many and provide insights into their natural behaviors. Educational workshops are also available, providing opportunities for active learning and participation. In certain dedicated and supervised spaces, visitors can even pet some animals, fostering an emotional connection and a better understanding of these creatures.

Commitment to conservation

Alligator Bay is also committed to species conservation and environmental education. Indeed, the park plays a significant role in raising awareness about the protection of reptiles and their habitats, making each visit an experience that is both entertaining and educational.

A family visit near Mont Saint-Michel

Alligator Bay, with its rich array of reptiles, interactive spaces, and commitment to education and conservation, serves as an educational destination for all family members and nature enthusiasts seeking a friendly experience near Mont Saint-Michel. This wildlife park provides an extraordinary adventure, educational and enriching for all visitors.

Practical information

Alligator Bay is open year-round, except for specific closure days (particularly in winter).
Opening Hours: 10am-7pm in summer. Opening hours vary depending on the season.
Prices: €10 to €15. The park offers adapted prices for adults, teenagers, children, and free admission for children under 3 years old.
Access: The establishment is located in Beauvoir, just 10 minutes by car from Mont Saint-Michel.