Champrépus Zoo: a unique blend of fauna and flora

Champrepus zoo

An unforgettable family visit in Normandy, near Mont-Saint-Michel

Discovery of fauna and flora

Located just 45 minutes from Mont Saint-Michel, the Champrepus Zoological Gardens offer a friendly experience where the animal world meets the plant world. This unique park in France combines animal discovery with the beauty of thematic gardens, creating a natural environment for visitors of all ages.

The Champrépus zoo is a space where education and entertainment go hand in hand. With a variety of animal species, impressive aviaries, and spacious enclosures, the park offers an open window into the diversity of animal life. Discover over 60 animal species such as lions, panthers, giraffes, zebras, penguins, as well as more unusual species like lemurs from Madagascar. Each space is carefully arranged to reflect the natural habitat of the animals while allowing visitors to observe them in a natural and secure environment.

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Activities and entertainment for the whole family

A day of entertainment and learning

The zoo offers educational activities for children: these activities not only provide fun but also help them understand the importance of biodiversity preservation. Play areas and picnic areas complement the experience, making the visit enjoyable and relaxed for the whole family. Here are some experiences you can enjoy with your children:

  • Playground: A dedicated area where children can dive into a ball pit, bounce on inflatable structures, climb play structures, and slide down slides, offering an active and fun end to the visit.
  • Birthday party: Children have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday at the zoo, promising a memorable party with their friends.
  • Mini farm: This space is ideal for toddlers, allowing for an introduction and tactile and visual discovery of the animal world.
  • Nono the Penguin and his friends: An attraction centered around Nono the Penguin, where children can explore the Garden of Exuberance and discover Cape penguins and other species.
  • Animal snacks: Children can observe closely the snacks of red pandas, lemurs, giraffes, otters, penguins, and gibbons, available every afternoon from mid-April to mid-September.
  • Educational panels: Throughout the course, educational panels are set up to answer children’s questions about the animals, combining learning with fun.
  • Smartphone games: An interactive and modern activity allowing to discover the zoo from a new angle with games, anecdotes, animations, photos, and surprises, divided into 15 different sections.

Discover the profession of animal caretaker, for both kids and adults

The Champrépus Zoo offers two exciting programs called “Keeper for a Day,” tailored to different age groups. For young children aged 6 and up, the junior program offers a 3-hour immersion into the daily life of an animal keeper. Children can participate in preparing animal meals and take care of various species such as red pandas, lemurs, and giraffes.

The adult program, available from the age of 12, lasts for 4 hours and allows participants to interact more extensively with a variety of animals, including giraffes, red pandas, tigers, lemurs, meerkats, otters, and penguins. Each program costs €80 and €125 respectively per participant, including a free visit to the park. Registrations require prior payment, and participants must wear closed-toe shoes and suitable clothing.

These unique experiences offer an unforgettable opportunity to get closer to the animal world and understand the daily work of caretakers in a zoo environment.

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Unique experiences for groups

The Champrépus Zoo offers a specially designed visiting experience for groups and Social and Economic Committees (CSE). This offer is ideal for a variety of groups, such as schools, leisure centers, daycares, as well as mixed groups of adults and children. Additionally, the zoo offers customized services for corporate committees, including the organization of corporate birthdays, providing a unique opportunity to discover the zoo in an organized and interactive setting.

Practical information for your visit

The Champrépus Zoo is easily accessible for visitors. Geographically, the zoo is located on the D924, between Villedieu-les-Poêles and Granville, and is accessible via the A84 motorway. It is located 42km from Mont Saint-Michel and at varying distances from several major French cities: 90 km from Caen, 110 km from Cherbourg and Rennes, 95 km from Saint-Malo, and 320 km from Paris. For parking, two parking lots are available near the park, one reserved for buses and people with reduced mobility, and the other for light vehicles and campers.

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5 / 5