Diving into the heart of the Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo


The Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo, located just 45 minutes (or 53 kilometers) from Mont Saint-Michel, is a gateway to a fascinating underwater world. This modern facility offers an educational and entertaining experience for all ages, housing over 10,000 fish and 600 different animal species.

Discovering Underwater Wonders

A dazzling collection of species

From the impressive shark to the colorful fish of the tropical seas, the Grand Aquarium showcases an incredible variety of marine life. Visitors can explore the different marine ecosystems, from the dark depths to the bright coral reefs: you will have the choice to discover more than 10 underwater worlds.

Interaction and Discovery

One of the aquarium’s highlights is the Ocean Ring, a circular aquarium offering a panoramic view of sharks and other marine species, creating a unique immersive experience.

You can also discover the touch pool, a flagship attraction where visitors can touch and learn about various marine species. It’s a perfect opportunity for children and adults to get closer to nature and understand the importance of marine conservation.

Unique Attractions

The Nautibus: an underwater journey

One of the Aquarium’s flagship attractions is embarking on the Nautibus, a simulated submarine, for an adventure through a recreated marine universe. It’s possible to closely observe 5,000 fish in an environment that mimics their natural habitat.

The Abyssal Descender: a unique attraction

Another highlight of the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo is the Abyssal Descender, a simulator that offers an experience of descending into the marine depths, a rare and captivating attraction, without the pressure!

Poisson Clown

Pratctical Informations

Rates and Ticketing

Ticket prices vary depending on the age of visitors (4-12 years and 13 years and older) and the season (high and low season). The aquarium also offers special rates for people with disabilities.

You can also purchase a membership card by subscribing to the annual pass, with a rate for children and a rate for adults.


Located on Avenue du Général Patton at the entrance to Saint-Malo, the aquarium is easily accessible by car or bus, with parking available for visitors.


At the Grand Aquarium of Saint-Malo, the snack bar/creperie welcomes you for lunch or a snack. Offering a wide range of galettes, crepes, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, there are options for every taste (from €7.50 to €15 depending on the options). Open every weekend, daily during school holidays, and in the high season.

PRACTICAL Informations

  • Hours: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Prices: from €11 to €18
  • Access: Rue du Général Patton, entrance to Saint-Malo