The Domain of La Bourbansais

La Bourbansais

the zoo

In a unique and preserved place of nearly 100 hectares, vegetal and wooded, the zoological garden of La Bourbansais allows you to escape through various environments (islands and recreated natural spaces…), housing numerous exotic and rare animal species from around the world, most of which are protected by international conventions.

the castle and its gardens (classified as historical monuments)

The castle (16th – 18th century), classified as a Historical Monument since 1957, bears witness to artistic creation between the Renaissance and the Classical Period. Still inhabited and furnished in Louis XIV and Louis XV styles, its guided tour allows lecturers to address numerous historical themes punctuated by anecdotes. Its various monumental facades overlook the “French-style” gardens, classified as well, including the “Carrousel” and “Kitchen Garden.”

Domaine De La Bourbansais

The shows from April to September

The “French-style” gardens and those of the “carousel” are the settings for 2 magnificent shows, retracing the history of these ancient royal traditions, falconry, and hunting.


opening hours

From April to September: 10 am to 7 pm

Opening hours vary on other dates


  • Adult rate: between €19.50 and €22.50 depending on the period
  • Child rate (4-12 years old): between €14.50 and €16.50 depending on the period
  • Free for children under 3 years old