Article published on 25/01/2018

Come and enjoy the magic of the spring tides at Mont Saint-Michel!

Mont Saint Michel At Sunset
Mont Saint Michel Nuit

Tides are a global phenomenon which can be explained by an oscillatory movement of the sea level due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun upon the mass of water in the oceans. During a full moon or new moon, the moon and sun are in alignment with the earth which brings about the spring tides. When this happens, visitors can watch an unforgettable natural phenomenon: the Mount surrounded by water.

Arrive 2 hours before the main event takes place and you will witness the tidal bore, a 50 cm-high wave which engulfs the bay. It is a magical moment for spectators.

Marees Nuit

The highest tides in Europe can be seen at Mont Saint-Michel. Sometimes there is a difference of 15 metres between high and low tide. When this happens, the sea can retreat up to 15 kilometres from the coast and rises very quickly.

Book your hotel now, and come and see the magic of the spring tides.

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